Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Heart Healthy

Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Heart Healthy

Do you remember the first time you heard your child’s heartbeat? Most people hear it for the first time after twelve weeks of pregnancy. At this point, the doctor may use a handheld Doppler machine to detect your child’s heartbeat. There’s nothing quite like this experience. The cadence of a fetus’ heartbeat is soft, nearly akin to a murmur, but nonetheless powerful and life-affirming. It’s truly a moment to cherish, but it also indicates the first stage of a lifelong dedication to your child’s heart health.

In this article, a cardiologist in Tampa from Ascent Cardiology Group will discuss some important tips for parents that want to keep their child’s heart healthy. If you or your child are suffering from a heart-related condition, or even if your family history suggests that a heart problem could materialize later on, consult a cardiologist in Tampa to learn more about treatment and prevention.

Encourage Exercise

Although the popularity of video games is at an all-time high, physical activity is still an essential component of your child’s overall well-being, and you can’t afford to let them turn into a couch potato under your vigil. Exercise helps strengthen the various parts of the heart and can help children avoid heart-related conditions related to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. The more you encourage your child to get out and play, the sooner they’ll see that a couple games of Fortnite can’t compare to outdoor activities like soccer, hide and seek, or going on a bike ride with friends.

Support Nutrition

Your house, your rules, right? In your kitchen, you get to set the dinner menu on a nightly basis. This means you control what your kids eat. You can’t blame a kid for eating fried chicken, hamburgers, and pizza if that’s all you give them. Support nutrition and nutrition will support your child’s heart health. It will also help them maintain a healthy weight, stay energized, and develop superior eating habits that can lead to years of sustained heart health. When your kids fight back against broccoli and carrots, search for new, heart-healthy recipes online that are designed to give kids the flavors they crave and the health benefits they need.

Consult a Cardiologist in Tampa

Regular medical checkups are integral to your child’s ongoing heart health. Those stethoscope tests aren’t just a formality, they’re an important part of a comprehensive plan to keep your child’s overall health in check. When your pediatrician or family doctor discovers an abnormality indicating a potential heart-related illness, call upon a cardiologist in Tampa, FL, to guide you through the steps that must be taken to ensure your child’s heart receives the appropriate care and treatment.

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