Preventative Cardiology

Preventative Cardiology

There are numerous factors that play into a person’s risk of developing heart disease. A poor diet and lack of physical activity can play a role, as can family history. Whether as a result of genetics or lifestyle factors, all risk factors must be accounted for in preventing heart disease. At Ascent Cardiology Group, our team is adept at screening for heart disease and counseling patients who are either trying to prevent heart disease or prevent further damage. If you are at risk for heart disease, a cardiologist in Tampa, FL, with Ascent Cardiology Group can work with you on safeguarding your heart health and ensuring a safer, brighter future for you.

Preventing heart disease begins with reviewing patients’ medical histories and accessing their immediate and future needs. In addition to conducting tests to gauge your heart health, a cardiologist in Tampa Bay will discuss your diet and recommend needed changes to reduce your risk of heart disease. Additional recommendations may include creating an exercise regime, avoiding triggers of stress, or quitting smoking. No two people are alike, which is why our preventative measures are tailored to the needs of every patient who comes through our doors.

A cardiologist in Tampa, FL, from Ascent Cardiology Group will also monitor your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. In addition to blood tests, we perform imaging tests to determine the full extent of a person’s heart health and influence personalized treatment plans. Our plans consist of:

• Nutrition Counseling
• Exercise Counseling
• Cholesterol Management
• Proper Hygiene Education
• Heart Disease Education
• Stress Management Education

Patients may follow up with a cardiologist as needed, and if medical intervention is needed, our team is prepared to perform the necessary steps to ensure our patients’ heart health, whether that means prescribing medications or performing surgery.

If you are concerned that your life may be impacted by heart disease, there’s no better time than now to put your heart health first. At Ascent Cardiology Group, our team can monitor your condition and take preventative measures to ensure that drastic measures can be avoided in the future. Preventing heart disease is a difficult but necessary endeavor for millions of Americans. Our team can and will support you as you take your first steps to lower your risk of heart disease.

Whether you’re struggling with lifestyle changes or have a family history of heart disease, we implore you to reach out to our team. Preventative cardiology at Ascent Cardiology Group can help ensure that you live a long and happy life — free from the dangers of heart disease.
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