3 Cutting-Edge Cardiology Treatments You Should Know About

3 Cutting-Edge Cardiology Treatments You Should Know About

Heart ailments can develop out of seemingly nowhere, even in healthy people with no family history. One day, you’re completely fine, and the next, you’re experiencing chest discomfort, nausea, arm pain, jaw pain, or lightheadedness. These symptoms might seem minor at the time, but they can be indicative of a severe heart problem on its way.

Once a heart ailment takes root, you’ll naturally want to act fast so you can resume your normal life. The first step is to find a cardiologist in Tampa who has been serving the community for years and possesses the certifications to perform cutting-edge cardiology treatments that eliminate the pain and hassle of outdated methods.

If you want top-tier medical care that takes the discomfort out of an inherently uncomfortable situation, consult Dr. Sachin V. Diwadkar, FACC, FASE, of Ascent Cardiology. Well-versed in advanced medical services ranging from general cardiology to echocardiography to nuclear cardiology and interventional cardiology, Dr. Diwadkar is board certified in treatments to get patients on the road to recovery as quickly and painlessly as possible.
1. Interventional Cardiology
According to data compiled from the American College of Cardiology, only 25 percent of cardiologists in the United States are certified to perform transradial heart catheterizations and interventions. That said, this treatment is extremely proficient in reducing patient discomfort both during and after the procedure. This innovative technique helps patients avoid discomfort and complications by minimizing the amount of time patients are required to lie in the supine position and greatly reducing the frequency of bleeding complications associated with femoral catheterizations. Plus, patients can move normally after the treatment is completed.
2. Echocardiography
Echocardiography is a cutting-edge technique that is used to create visualizations of the heart and its surrounding structures with ultrasound waves. One important aspect of echocardiography is that it is completely noninvasive compared to other surgical testing procedures. Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) is a virtually painless procedure that allows cardiologists to quickly diagnose a wide range of cardiac abnormalities. Patients can receive their results almost instantaneously so their cardiologists can help them determine their best course of action for getting their health back on track.
3. Nuclear Cardiology
Combining treadmill exercise or pharmacologic vasodilators with specialized radioactive tracers that can track and evaluate the flow of blood throughout the heart, nuclear cardiology is another cutting-edge, non-invasive cardiovascular testing method that only board certified cardiologists can utilize. Nuclear cardiology can be used to identify arterial blockages while simultaneously generating comprehensive metrics on a patient’s heart including heart size and strength.

As a heart patient, you want treatment options that allow you to feel your best without first making you feel your worst. Board certified cardiologists offer more options for treating your heart ailment and can greatly reduce the discomfort of outdated treatments.
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